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Percent Models


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Model #P100P: $38.00 each

Model #P100P
Measures 6-1/2 inch x 3 inch. 
Tape or bolt mount. 

Model #P15P: $38.00 each

Model #P15P
Measures 5 inch x 2 inch. 
Tape or bolt mount.

Model #18PR: $39.00 each

Model #18PR
Measures 9inch x 2-1/4 inch. 
Visible at 15-20 feet away. Ideal for dozer, graders, etc. 
Bolt mount.

Model #P5: $39.00 each

Model #P5
Measures 9 inch x 2-1/4 inch. 
Visible over 20 feet away.
Bolt mount only.
Need Mounting Brackets?
We offer mounting options for most of our inclinometers. Bolt mount, adhesive strip mount, or mounting brackets for un-level mounting surfaces.

Our mounting brackets allow mounting of our inclinometers on most surfaces even if you do not have a vertical mounting surface. Our brackets are adjustable for and aft, and side to side, to insure mounting is correct, and level. 

Models #25 and #45 have 1 inch x 2 inch footprint and are adjustable. 

$7.00 each

Model #25 mounting bracket

Model #25 shown with mounting bracket mounted on a vertical surface.

Angled view of Model #45 mounting bracket

Angled view of Model #45 shown on 45 degree angle mounting surface.

Side view of Model #45 mounting bracket

Side view of Model #45 shown on a 45 degree angle mounting surface using bracket.

Rear view of Model #25 mounting bracket

Rear view of Model #25 showing horizontal mounted mounting bracket.